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Michael Zelcer Studio

Welcome to Michael Zelcer Studio where extraordinary art comes to life with the translucent luster of glass. Renowned for exquisite gilded textures and luminous rich colors, Zelcer's eglomise, (back painted glass) artistic creations resonate with shimmering energy, uncompromising quality and excellence in artisanship.

Michael Zelcer Studio offer a gallery of original art and prints, as well as commissioned glass installations. Suitable for custom home, the hospitality industry, as well as corporate and municipal settings, Zelcer's fine art and architectural glass transform interiors into extraordinary environments.

Zelcer Glass
Back Painted Architectural Art glass

Interior Design, Residential, Commercial & Hospitality Design - The success of Zelcer Fine Art in combination with extensive experience in design work and the custom building Industry inspired Michael to create Zelcer Architectural Glass.

Today, Zelcer Glass offers many possibilities for unprecedented special effects in private or public environments. As a complimentary element to existing color schemes and style of decor, or as a centerpiece in an ultra-modern interior, luminous painted glass adds that special touch of originality and elegance. Our Architectural Glass gives designers the opportunity to use vibrant colors of back-painted glass in their projects.

In addition to our sample colors, we can match or combine any paint colors design textures and styles to give your client the custom look they expect. We may incorporate Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Copper leaf and other metallic leaf available to enhance the reflective qualities of your new back painted glass project.

Because every project is unique and different, Zelcer Glass is created project by project with your individual aesthetic requirements in mind. This uniqueness makes Zelcer Glass a one of a kind commissioned artwork for discriminating clients and designers looking for new and fresh options.

Zelcer Glass is easy to install and is perfect for, Architectural wall installation art, fine dining area focal points / Restaurants , hotel lobbies, columns / colonnades, wainscots, lounges, back bars & back splashes, Kitchen, bath splashes, cabinet door insets, back lit counter tops and unique back lit mirrored lighting options among other imaginative and creative uses.

Zelcer Glass provides a clean, contemporary look for back splashes unlike tile, with hard-to-clean grout lines. Zelcer Glass will maintain its beauty and cleanliness with minimal effort.

Incorporating the ideas and wishes of our clients, Zelcer Architectural Glass can create well-designed concepts illustrating an array of glass installation options prior to the actual production.

For more information about Zelcer Architectural Art Glass we invite you contact us, or send us your design Ideas concepts, plans or specifications for a free consultation and bid.

Recent and Ongoing Exhibits and Public Installations

Muse Hotel Architectural Art Glass Columns
130 West 46th Street
New York, N.Y.
Hospitality Design Installation

Commissions for City of Ventura
California Street Scape Mural Project 07’
Rotating Art Installations / Exhibition

Commissions for City of Ventura California
Street Scape Mural Project 08’
Rotating Art Installations / Exhibition

California Kitchen Creations Show rooms, Architectural Art Glass Back Splashes Rotating Fine Art
Exhibition 3367
Telegraph Road, Ventura CA

Bariloche Restaurant Fine Dining
500 East Main
Ventura CA.
Rotating Fine Art Exhibition

Fast Frame Bill Mc Nelly
3954 East Main Street
Ventura, CA
Rotating Fine Art Exhibition

I love Sushi Restaurant
Ventura California
Rotating Fine Art Exhibition

Zelcer Studios Private Studio Tour 03”
Sponsored by The City of Ventura.

Zelcer Studios Private Studio Exhibitions 2005, 2007, 2008

Artist Statement

My passion for creating art is inherent or perhaps genetic. I have always had a driven creative spirit and aesthetic eye to seek out and create art in my life. Imagination, experimentation, life experience and passion for art continue to take me on a wonderful personal journey of discovery. I derive a great satisfaction in communicating the deeper meaning for my own existence and the human condition…our existence.

As a painter, my intrigue with the way that glass refracts light and intensifies color leads me to extensive experimentation in the art of Églomisé. Creating my own paints, discovering new materials and new techniques are a significant part of my evolution in reverse glass painting.

My paintings on glass represent the charm of simplification, the power of abstraction, symbolic content and aesthetic logic. In seeing my art, you pay homage to the healing symbolism that springs from what I believe is a collective consciousness - that which unites us all.

The Artist Behind the Glass

Michael Zelcer’s travels and experiences throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East and most recently South America and Australia provide much of his inspiration for his artistic works. His participation in several archeological digs and his studies of ancient methods of communication and art guide him in his search for the unnamed and forgotten artists. Spun by pictographic and ideographic imagery of our cultural beginnings, Michael created his first series called “In the Beginning,” which takes us back to fire lit caves and black silhouettes of ancient hunters in the dawn of time.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michael and currently resides in Ventura, California. Michael’s artistic abilities have taken him on a creative journey in many artistic disciplines of expression. His artistic talents and architectural and building knowledge led him to become an architectural designer and building contractor of custom homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Montecito California in the 90's. During the 80’s restoring classic older homes located in Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, and also designing and building custom architectural wood furnishings.

Returning to his passion, Michael resumed his career in fine art in the late 1990's. "My paintings on glass represent the charm of simplification, the power of abstraction, and the importance of graphic signs, symbolic content and aesthetic logic. In seeing my art you pay homage to the healing symbolism that springs from what I believe to be this collective consciousness - the part that truly makes us human."